SouthBuild TEAM L.L.C.
The SouthBuild Team is a Tennessee based group existing to serve the
southern corrections market in a comprehensive manner. SouthBuild Team
is especially targeted towards jails. SouthBuild Team is experienced
with corrections planning, design and construction in Tennessee,
Mississippi, Oklahoma and Arkansas with more than $330,000,000.00
worth of design and construction completed and over $64,000,000
worth in process.

SouthBuild Team's experience in local and county detention and correctional
facilities has given the firm unique insight, not only to the building's
physical aspects, but also in understanding the emotional impact on the
community. SouthBuild Team'scorrectional design experience has allowed
clients to receive cost efficient facilities, built on time and in budget.

The SouthBuild Team offers:

º Planning/Master Planning

º Design/Construction Management

The SouthBuild Team offers through alliances:

º Financing

º Targeted Privatized Management

º Detention Security Equipment

º Staff Training

SouthBuild Team L.L.C.        134 W. South Street         Collierville, Tennessee 38017