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The SouthBuild Team is an architect and construction manager working together—the SpiritArchitecture Group and Smith-Doyle Contractors Inc. Although Tennessee based, the SB Team serves all southern, primarily county-level corrections market. The SB Team is experienced with corrections planning, design and construction with almost $500,000,000 worth of projects since 1997.

The SouthBuild Team, either individually or together, has provided services in Arkansas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. The SB Team uses a unique work session approach where budgets are established early and all savings stay with the owner. Since 1997, over approximately 70 corrections projects, the SB Team has never exceeded budget.

The SouthBuild Team offers:

º Planning/Master Planning

º Design/Construction Management

The SouthBuild Team offers through alliances:

º Financing

º Targeted Privatized Management

º Detention Security Equipment

º Staff Training

Judge John Hall,
Crawford County AR.


“I’ve been saying ever since we started (this project) a year ago last December that somewhere down the line the wheels are going to come off, they always do.”

“But we’ve been very fortunate, from the time we first started this thing, to getting the tax passed and picking the right construction company and architect to do this. We’ve been very fortunate. … I’ve been involved with a lot of building contracts, but I’ve never seen one run much smoother than this one has.”