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**New COVID Technology**

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Woodruff County Detention Center

New Ultraviolet Light Technology

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Update as of October 2020:

Additional information is now available re UVC products effective against COVID-19 but, is NOT harmful to humans. 

The following product link provides information re products which can be considered for select detention locations:

July 2020

Intent:  The SouthBuild Team wants to help our justice clients in these COVID-19 times to provide a safe and clean environment for all—detainees and staff alike.  So, when a significant new technology came to our attention, we wanted to get the word out.

Old News:  Ultraviolet (UV) lights are sometimes used in justice facilities.  Current UV technology kills viruses, bacteria and other pathogens but is also harmful to humans.  This limits the use of UV technology.

Major Change:  Studies at Columbia University are being completed, which will confirm a type of UV technology that kills the COVID-19 virus but is safe for humans.

Acuity Brands, Inc., in conjunction with Ushio of America, Inc., is currently in the process of developing Care222 far-UVC technology for use in commercial luminaires, including detention fixtures.  Detention facility applications have recently been discussed with the SouthBuild Team.  The link below provides access to additional technical information:

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Availability:  SouthBuild believes this technology, being confirmed, will be a significant tool in the fight against COVID-19, aiding the effort to provide a safe place for detained individuals, officers and staff.

The intent is to make this technology available in the near future for all types of detention spaces including General Housing (cells & dormitory), Intake and Support areas—new and retrofit.

To learn more, give us a call at 901-457-7690 (Jim Langford). 

More Info: Stay tuned for updates in SouthBuild Postcards!